The Fixx: Feathered and Deadly

It’s been pretty slow lately on the blog. I ran into some database corruption issues a few months ago and then kind of sat on trying to get it fixed for over a month. Once I did that, I got the site back up although the images in the older posts aren’t displaying. Kind of feel I should fix it… but then again I’m not sure I really care.

In any case, Julie and I were eating dinner at Panda Express and there was a song on the radio that sounded very new-wavey but it wasn’t one I was familiar with. I asked Julie if she recognized it and she said it sounded like The Fixx. I caught a couple lyrics, threw them into Google on my iPhone and faster than you can say Rock of the 80’s I found the song: “The Sign of Fire” (a minor hit from 1983).

It is at these opportunities that I decide to go back and pull out the old compilation CDs to catch up on a band that I haven’t heard in a while. So, needless to say, I’ve been listening to a lot of Fixx in the last couple days.

All which brings us to the headline (a reference to Ben Stiller’s character from Dodgeball). I decided to look at the old Fixx videos and see if any one stood out. Sure enough, you have to check this video for The Fixx’s first hit “Stand or Fall.”  The video is a potpourri of 1980s video cliches. Most notably, all the scenes in the video are literal interpretations of the lyrics from the song (when the singer sings “fall” you see a horse… you know, fall).

Best of all, you can marvel at lead singer Cy Curnin’s feathered blonde hair. It’s a great song and a great video.