Coyote Spotted Near Moffett Field in Sunnyvale

coy2This week I spotted a coyote near my work in Sunnyvale. I was exiting 11th Street on Tuesday, January 22 and saw the coyote run past me. I was shocked, but honestly not as much as I might have been had I not thought I saw a coyote run past our house a night a few weeks ago. Luckily, I could see that the coyote was running along the light-rail tracks and I could pass him and park to take a picture. He was too fast for me to get good video, though.

The coyote likely headed southwest down Mathilda Avenue and then turned right onto Moffett Park Drive where I encountered it. The coyote ran past me and then headed north on Enterprise Way heading back toward the bay mashland where it presumably came from.

I am really fascinated by seeing wild animals in this sort of context. As you can see from the map below, there are no residential units anywhere close to the location where the photo was taken, and given the look and visual appearance, this is most certainly a coyote. I am also pleased, not afraid, that mountain lions are seen more frequently in the hills around the Bay Area.



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  1. Hi Kevin:
    Great photos! With the flood control ditch along Paseo Padre running from Niles to the Bay it is the highway for wild animals.

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