Mothers Circus Animal Cookies Are Back!

Our long National West Coast nightmare is over!

Kelloggs came through as promised and have reintroduced Mother’s Cookies back into stores in Western States. According to their press release:

Crestfallen cookie lovers once again can enjoy the sweet symbols of so many fond memories. Mother’s(R) cookies, the long-time family favorite, are making a comeback. With the same great taste fans remember, Mother’s(R) cookies made their highly anticipated return to store shelves in the Western region of the United States starting on May 4 – just in time for the 95th anniversary of Mother’s Day as well as the Mother’s(R) brand.

The Mother’s(R) cookies returning to the Western region of the United States include:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Circus Animal(R)
  • Cocadas(R)
  • Double Fudge
  • English Tea(R)
  • Iced Lemonade
  • Iced Oatmeal
  • Macaroons
  • Oatmeal
  • Taffy(R)
  • Vanilla Creme

I have given the new cookies a taste taste and I’m very pleased to report that these are the genuine article. They taste exactly the same as the Mother’s Circus Animals we’ve loved over the years. The packaging of the Mother’s brand is basically intact as well, with the addition of the call-out “Your Favorites are Back!” Indeed they are!

Mother's Circus Animal Cookies Are Back!
Mother's Circus Animal Cookies Are Back!

Nabisco tried to get onto the “iced animal” bandwagon with their sub-par Nabisco Classics Iced Animal Cookies but failed miserably. Now, there’s no reason at all to purchase the inferior brand!  So, get a bag of Circus Animals or whatever your favorite Mother’s Cookie is, and support this brand so they never disappear from store shelves again.

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24 Replies to “Mothers Circus Animal Cookies Are Back!”

  1. I am soooo excited. I am in Florida and want to know when the Chocolate animal cookies will be back on the shelf? They are exactly like the vanilla ones just chocolate.

  2. I am so happy Mother’s Animal Cookies are back, I was bummed when they were discontinued…Thank you very much…

  3. A native Californian fell for it today as I purchased both the Circus Animal cookies and the iced oatmeal from Nabisco! What a sham. Not even close.
    I’m so glad to hear that Kellogg respected the original recipe from Mother’s. I look forward to finding some in TX soon.

  4. You are so right about the nasty Nabisco wanna-be’s. We have followed the Mother’s cookie crisis since word of its closure and eagerly purchased the Nabisco cookies. They were misshapen, the icing was like candle wax, the sprinkles uneven and worst of all, were a graham cracker instead of our beloved cookie. Hooray for Kellogs

  5. Ew! Don’t know what you’re talking about…this lifelong super-fan of Circus Animal cookies does NOT think they are the same at all! We have a family of 5 who is crestfallen after the original elation of seeing the familiar bag of cookies back at our local Safeway!

    Tasteless. Different texture. Different colored sprinkles! (well…now we’re being picky!) Sorry guys, but that’s just our opinion. I do, however, agree that the Nabisco Knockoffs were horrid.

    I’ll keep trying the other favorites we remember…Iced Oatmeal! And anyone see the Flaky Flix Cookies back yet?

  6. I was soooo excited to see the Animal cookies back, thank you Kellogs for picking it back up. I will definately be buying more of them to support the comeback. And as far as any difference in taste like Erin is finding, I don’t really sense one, they seem as good as the old, but again Erin could be a bigger fan than I, I am more elated to see that they have at least resurrected the beloved and cherished pastime cookies. Thank you thank you thank you…

  7. I find them slightly different than they used to be, too. BETTER..the icing seems less thick and not quite as sweet. I remember being able to eat only 2 or 3 before getting sweeted-out…now, I can eat a LOT. (Which might not be a good thing! oh well) They are sooooooooo delicious!
    When I was a child used to wish the world would stand still for a day so I could go raid all the kitchens of houses and get their Circus Animal Cookies.(No, I did not grow up to be a thief! I was just crazy about these cookies) I LOVE THESE COOKIES!

  8. I have to agree with Erin and 52 year old cookie monster, they are not quite the same, the icing doesn’t even sit on the cookies the same, it’s like it pooled up around them instead of sitting on them like it ought to, and the white is more translucent than it used to be. The flavor is the same though, but the texture is slightly different, more grainy than it used to be. Still, these are close enough, I am glad they are back.

    Funny thing is, I didn’t even know they had left! I go through cookie swings, and had one shortly before they took them off the shelf, where I tried biting a little of of two ends and sucking the milk through the cookie like a straw, delicious, but I ate so many that way that I got tired of them and haven’t craved them until recently when my sister pointed out they are back on the shelf, I told her I didn’t know they had left!

    Anyway, way to go Kelloggs, lets hope they don’t get caught in all of this financial crisis the way so many already have.

  9. I have to agree with all of you guys. I always liked the white ones better than the pink ones. The pink had a slight after taste. Now the white ones have the after taste. They seem to be slightly different than the original.

  10. I was eating the Nabisco knock-offs, and kept wondering, what is wrong with this icing? Is it that it’s too hot this month. Maybe I need to stick them in the refrigerator because the icing is too soft. And where are all the neatly placed sprinkles? There are hardly any on these cookies. Everytime I would try to imagine they tasted like the orginal cookies. Then tonight I noticed it’s NABISCO, NOT MOTHER’S! Now I know what the problem is, and I sure hope I can find the original Mother’s Cookies in stores here in TEXAS again!!!

  11. I’ve purchased bags recently (September 09). Is it just my imagination, or are the cookies thinner than they used to be? And is the bag weight still the same?

  12. I just recently bought a couple bags of the Animal Cookies and I agree, they changed the recipe. There was more frosting and the cookies were lighter and thicker. The new cookies are thin and hard. If you look at the nutritional info on the you will see a clue as to why they taste different. These weren’t exactly the most healthy cookie on the market before with a serving size having over half the RDA for saturated fats. The new version has 35% saturated fat per serving. I think they have tried to make them healthier to eat and ended up ruining what the product was. Shame on Kellogg’s for lying to us saying out favorite cookie has returned. Bring back the original recipe please!

  13. I contacted customer service at Kellogg’s and the response I received confirmed our suspicions. They said they conducted consumer taste tests of different formulations and the one they are selling was the most popular. Popular or not they package labeling is misleading as this is not the original frosted circus animals.

  14. In Publix stores in Florida they stock Archway frosted animal cookies that are almost exactly like the ones I got in California as Mother’s cookies but they are smaller (justifies eating more) and do not have the lingering after taste as much (perhaps not as sweet?)

  15. I was extremely disappointed with these cookies. No way are they same. The ones I bought were ridiculously thin – the frosting was way thicker than the cookie. I don’t remember that saccharine-sweet aftertaste with the original cookies and I know they were much bigger than these things. And what’s this about a taste of different formulations? What a crock of you-know-what! Leave it to Kellogs to ruin a perfectly good thing. Anyway, they can stick their cookies where the sun don’t shine where I’m concerned.

  16. I tried some of the new Mother’s Circus Animal cookies this week and was disappointed too. The new cookies are the same shape but are thinner, and the frosting is thinner and less sweet. The icing was so translucent that you could see the cookie through the icing. The cookies just weren’t as good at all. With the old cookies, I couldn’t stop eating them. With the new cookies, I was done after two.

  17. just be satisfied there even back, they dont taste any different then they did before, sprinkles are the same, and the waxiness is still there, im 50 yrs old and been eating them since i was 3 and there taste still great.

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