How to Break Down a Box

A little “how to” courtesy Riley and Quinn. I asked Quinn to break down a box in order to put it into the recycling. The running joke in our family is consistent and never gets old (“Kevin, can you break down that box?” “Sure. Stupid box, stupid stupid box”). Think about it.

Anyway, Quinn had some trouble and soon went running for his souvenir Louisville Slugger. Next thing I knew Riley had joined him in the back yard and sporting a play sword. I think you can agree the boys did an effective job of “breaking down” the box. Literally and figuratively.






Thanksgiving in Capitola

Julie and I traveled to Capitola with my parents for Thanksgiving lunch at Shadowbrook restaurant. Our kids were with Julie’s parents at Disneyland.

We had a great lunch and then took a short walk along the beach and pier where we met several interesting birds including a very spirited pelican.

One of these songs is the Song of the Year for 2011

Early November comes and means it is time for an annual tradition here on the blog to start thinking about the Song of Year award. As in year’s past there are some songs that are definitely breaking out from the pack and based on my playcount in iTunes and just plain old gut feeling one of these three songs will be the song of the year.

Foster the People “Houdini (RAC remix)”

Don’t look for this on the album (which is quite good). It was a promo single that was issued on the Foster the People website and it’s far superior to the album version.

Evanescence “What You Want”

A strong entry from the group’s third album. Nice to see Amy Lee and co. haven’t gone soft…  This song has such an epic feel.

The Black Keys “Lonely Boy”

This song was just released but is clearly in the mix. The music video is hypnotic even with the low-budget aesthetic . I didn’t love the group’s last album, aside from their breakthrough hit “Tighten Up” but if this lead single is any indication their new album coming in December might be worth a listen.