Quinn Pitches

The first half of the baseball season ended last night, and our coach let Quinn pitch one inning at last night’s game. Quinn was a bit wild and had several walks in a rough five-run inning. Quinn also had several great pitches and had a few hitters on the ropes. To Quinn’s credit, he kept himself very poised even though he wasn’t consistently in the strike zone. Later in the the game Quinn played shortstop.

Fearless Baseball Predictions

mlbI did crap-tastically lousy at my baseball predictions last year but here we go again since today is opening day (well, sort of).

American League

  • East: Yankees
  • Central: White Sox
  • West: Rangers
  • Wild Card: Rays and Angels

National League

  • East: Phillies
  • Central: Reds
  • West: Giants
  • Wild Card: D-Backs and Nationals

World Series Winner: Yankees over Phillies

Spring Baseball is Here

Some nice shots of Quinn from so far this season. Of course, it has rained three Saturdays in a row so no photos of the wet, drenched field and players. But some nice ones of Quinn nonetheless. This year Quinn is playing for the Diamond Backs, and so far this season has been playing mostly Second Base and Right Field.