Tiki Time

The Kevdo.com blog hasn’t been very active, but I’ve been blogging nearly every day on Instagram under my Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai handle.

This recent post got a lot of likes. It’s a series of shots from an episode of Three’s Company where Jack Tripper visits a tiki bar. Those drinks are pretty strong, aren’t they?

William Shatner is Everyone’s Favorite Poet

If you didn’t catch Sarah Palin’s rambling farewell speech you certainly missed one of the best trainwrecks of the year. If you’re a fan of copy-editing you might like Vanity Fair‘s take on the speech.

This post isn’t intended to ridicule Sarah Palin (though it happens to be a wonderful side benefit). Instead, let’s highlight another example of the Creative Genius of William Shatner. Seriously.

Conan O’Brien needs ratings for his Tonight Show, so when Palin’s speech hit the airwaves there were many ways that Conan could employ to use this event for comedic effect. Then, a brilliant idea stuck.

Call Shatner.


The clip speaks for itself. But I’d like to highlight the vast and thunderous applause Shatner gets when introduced. And let’s also acknowledge another brilliant performance from everyone’s captain, William Shatner.


Shatner made a return appearance to read Sarah Palin’s Twitter messages.