Most Played Songs of 2013

Here is the list of my 30 most played songs of 2013, according to iTunes play data. You can see that “Axis” was my most played song, including a total of 91 plays across all versions and remixes.  The placement of Pet Shop Boys, Men without Hats, Franz Ferdinand, and Ixtahuele shouldn’t be a surprise since I blogged about all of them.

I listened to a total of 1836 songs at least once. That’s the largest total since I started tracking this statistic, and is quite a bit higher than past years 2009 (1431), 2010 (1539), 2011 (1337), and 2012 (1479).

Song Name Artist Plays
Axis (Video Version) Pet Shop Boys 45
Vocal Pet Shop Boys 40
Antarctica Men Without Hats 39
Inside a Dream Pet Shop Boys 38
Axis Pet Shop Boys 33
Thursday (featuring Example) Pet Shop Boys 29
Heaven Depeche Mode 28
Right Action Franz Ferdinand 26
The Last to Die Pet Shop Boys 26
Flourescent Pet Shop Boys 24
Love Illumination Franz Ferdinand 23
Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane Remix) The Human League 23
Bolshy Pet Shop Boys 23
Lights (Single Version) Ellie Goulding 21
I Like Men Without Hats 20
The Great Ones Remember Men Without Hats 19
I Got the Message Men Without Hats 19
Leaving Pet Shop Boys 16
Secret To The End Depeche Mode 15
Stone Gods of Bimini Ixtahuele 15
The Safety Dance (Video Version) Men Without Hats 15
Welcome To My World Depeche Mode 14
Angel Depeche Mode 14
Stand On the Horizon Franz Ferdinand 14
Memory of the Future Pet Shop Boys 14
Evil Eye (Todd Terje Extended Mix) Franz Ferdinand 13
Fresh Strawberries Franz Ferdinand 13
Black Sand Ixtahuele 13
Living In China Men Without Hats 13
Ban the Game (Full Version) Men Without Hats 13

This is obviously very skewed to the Synthesizer music that came via the new albums from Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode, and my concert attendance where Men without Hats played.  I resolve to listen to more rock music in 2014, but some of that’s dependent on what new music gets released.