Favorite Song Right Now: “Leaving” by Pet Shop Boys

I’m started to get excited to see Pet Shop Boys on April 8 at the Fox Theater in Oakland. This was the same venue where they played last year, though in this case this is the kickoff show for their 2014 tour (which means I won’t be able to hear about the songs in the play list). Last year we saw a bunch of folks dressed up for the show, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing many festive outfits at the show in April. The Electric Tour in 2013 was great and while I don’t expect many changes I’m sure some of the songs will be swapped out.

In reviewing the track list from last year’s tour, one of the songs from the group’s 2012 album Elysium seemed to stand out. “Leaving” was the second single from the album, and I may have to revisit my previously negative comments about the album (the first from the group that I didn’t buy). This is a mid-tempo number but does seem to stick in your head after a couple listens. The video for the song is well done and with the black and white cinematography seems to set the tone perfectly.