Petco’s “Pride?”

Sometimes the joke just writes itself… From the Union City, CA Petco location comes this gem.

We pride ourselves in providing you with clean restroom facilities. If our restroom is not neat, clean, and well supplied, please notify the General Manager.

“Suitable for All Ages?”


Are parents stupid enough to fall for labels such as this one? Especially when they’re on an arcade game where the object is to shoot and kill as if you were a member of the military?


I have no problem with these sort of game, even for kids such as my son Riley (12, pictured). But all ages? I don’t think so.

This was ALMOST “my last day alive”

This is one of those ironic tales that might not have been particularly funny or entertaining.

I left my office today a little after 11:45 to head over to another building for my weekly Toastmasters meeting. The drive in the car is pretty short – three or four minutes including stop lights but is takes too long to walk with my busy schedule. I’m a native Californian, so shoot me for liking to to drive, okay?

Most of the time I listen to podcasts in the car but today wanted to hear a long that was in my head. The song was “Last Day” by English band Editors. So, I hit play on the iPod and drove off for my meeting.

I was waiting for the stoplight at Mathilda Ave and Moffett Park Drive. I was heading all the way across the intersection, but many of the people turning left from westbound Moffett onto Mathilda got backed up a bit and so were a bit in the intersection. But, it wasn’t a big deal so I just inched a bit outside my normal lane and then finished heading across.

Next thing I knew I saw a car (a Prius no less) speeding through the intersection, heading northbound on Mathilda. I was using safe driving skills and was actually looking in that direction as I started across the intersection, so I saw the car and was able to easily brake and let the car pass. As it did, I looked to my left to confirm that yes indeed the Prius has completely ran a red light. And unlike most Priuses it wasn’t going very slow either (sorry, Prius owners, but gotta call it like I see it).

If I had entered that lane two seconds earlier – if I hadn’t been “slow off the gate” due to the backed up traffic – then I very likely would have hit by this very fast moving car. And who knows if I’d be in any condition to be writing this blog.

The ironic part? Remember… I specifically picked that Editors song to listen to. Not a podcast. Not a random song from Shuffle mode. But this very specific song: “Last Day.”

“This is my last day alive
Well, it’s one hell of a day to die”

Thankfully, I only had to listen to the the lyrics. Not live them.

One of these Songs is Song of the Year

At least it’ll the song of the year for me. This is based on the number of listens and this year I’m going to factor in other criteria such as gut instinct and do I still love listening to it after dozens of plays.

Metric – Black Sheep
I think this is an older song but it was used in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (but sung by actress Brie Larson) and definitely sounds great to my ears that love new wave and new wave-influenced bands.

Neon Trees – Animal
I’m really hoping these guys are not “one hit wonders” though I can’t say I am enamored with anything else on their album. This sounds like the kind of song that you’d use a decade from to say “what did things sound like in 2010.”

Infant Sorrow – I am Jesus
From Get Him to the Greek. This song wasn’t really used in the movie much but I really dig it and the sort-of send-up of U2.

So, which song is your favorite?