13 Blog Post Weekend

A busy weekend, though in many respects quite productive.

On Friday night, Julie and I took Riley to see Horrible Bosses. Not the most-appropriate movie for a 13 year old, but a kid has to learn about these things someday…

On Saturday, the three of us attended the Japan Bazaar at the Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church in Union City. They had carnival games and some merchandise, along with plenty of food and drinks and entertainment. I had a very tasty teriyaki burger and a beer (this, clearly, is a different kind of church than the one I’m used to). We were there since the family of one of Riley’s buddies goes to the church and was working one of the booths.


Quinn spent Friday night at a sleepover, then on Saturday at a birthday party where they saw Transformers (and Julie gives me a hard time for taking Riley to see Horrible Bosses!). On Sunday, I took Quinn out to hit some tennis balls. He has great fashion sense!


I also spent some time catching up on some blogging. I posted a ton of blog posts this weekend. Here are all the links!

The Frat Pack Tribute:

Lip Balm Anonymous:

Rock Around the Year:


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So there you go… 13 blog posts in a weekend.