A Nice Little Saturday

Lots of running around on Saturday. I got up bright and early to drop Riley off at school so he could ride the bus with his band as they traveled to Santa Theresa High School to play at the Music in the Park competition. I drove down to watch the performance and Riley and the rest of the band did a great job. The students then were bussed over to Great America where they spent the rest of the day (I did not go to the park).


Then I went to Quinn’s baseball game. While he has taken a number of walks this season, he so far has not yet made contact with the ball (in large part due to not swinging at the ball very much). So, we were pleased that Quinn made contact and his the ball in fair territory. While he did get an out, this is good progress. Speaking of progress, Quinn is really developing into a fine ballplayer, as you can see by the form on his throw below (one of my favorite shots).