Fearless Baseball Predictions 2013

mlbHere are my yearly picks…

National League

  • East: Nationals
  • Central: Reds
  • West: Giants
  • Wild Card: Braves / Cardinals

American League

  • East: Blue Jays
  • Central: Tigers
  • West: Angels
  • Wild Card: Athletics / Rays

World Series: Giants over Angels

Quinn’s Third Hit of the Season

Another game, another hit. And this time it was off probably the best pitcher in the league. Great hit from Quinn today. Clearly, the financial incentives need to be modified, so we’re dropping Quinn’s hit incentive down to $5 per hit.

Quinn’s First Hit of the Season

Quinn got his first hit of the season, and here’s the clip from the at-bat. Quinn also pitched part of an inning. He did better at pitching than he did last season, striking out one batter and walking a couple. He made a good play to pick off a runner in an attempted run-down.

Baseball Season is Here

Quinn is starting another year of Niles-Centerville Little League. This year he is playing for the Minor-A Athletics. The opening ceremonies for the season were up this morning bright and early. Quinn’s game wasn’t scheduled until 4 pm but started closer to 5 pm and ultimately was called after three innings. Quinn got one and a half at bats, since he had a sacrifice hit in the 2nd inning and then was batting when the 5th run of the inning scored in the 3rd inning on a wild pitch.