The Best Thing on the Internet This Week

As has been previously chronicled, I’m a big fan of attraction posters from Disney theme parks. So, it was with wonder that I saw this week’s blog post from the Disney Parks Blog detailing some tidbits from the upcoming holiday overlay for the Jungle Cruise. There was a preview of some of the decorations for “The Jingle Cruise” but the attraction poster that was released truly got me excited to experience the attraction with the new elements.


You can compare this poster with the original from back in the 1950’s (the original Jungle Cruise attraction poster was #3 on my list of all-time attraction posters). I love how this new poster riffs on elements from the original, like the kid with a candy cane instead of a 1950’s cap pistol.

The Jingle Cruise is coming to both the Magic Kingdom in Florida as well as Disneyland in California. We’re heading down just before Thanksgiving and this is already the top of my “must do” list.