The Majesty of Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Here’s a great photo of the mountain range over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is a shot taken by my wife Julie of the Expedition Everest attraction, and it almost looks like it is a painting and not a photo. This has not been retouched, other than with iPhoto’s ‘enhance’ feature.


Expedition Everest is my favorite attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The ride is thrilling and I love the look of the mountain and the entire section of the park where the ride sits. It feels like you’re walking around in Asia, not Florida.

The Yeti is seen in the attraction, and this was a much-hyped component of the attraction when it opened. Unfortunately, there are problems with the massive figure and it no longer moves. Instead, a flashing light shines on the beast, causing some to call it “Disco Yeti.” And, yes, it’s a bummer. But considering you see the figure for less than two seconds it is hardly a huge disappointment. Especially when even at stationless figure is thrilling. Who wouldn’t want to avoid this paw, eh?


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