The Greatest Ice Cream Ever Created


As this blog has already well established, Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies are the best cookies ever made. And thanks to fans of the cookies such as yours truly who vocally demanded their return, Mother’s Circus Animals are still available in stores again. But today at the store I discovered something that’s even better than Mother’s Circus Animals.

Better than the Circus Animals cookies?

Even better.

Mother’s Circus Animal Cookie Ice Cream!

Yes, friends, this is here and it’s real and I’ll tell you what, it’s delicious!  It’s from Sunnyside Farms, which is a store brand available at both Lucky/Save Mart and at Raley’s. The ice cream features big chunks of Circus Animal cookies all inside pink and white cookie batter ice cream.  There’s a nice blog post that gives additional details about the Mother’s/Sunnyside partnership. The good news is that the post was dated in July 2011, so perhaps the “limited edition” is something that will last for a longer time.

If you have love for these cookies you definitely need to try this ice cream. It is really great.


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