MacWorld Predictions Scorecard

Well, Apple’s keynote has come and gone. How’d I do with my predictions?

Will Be Announced

  • Updated Mac Mini with lots of expansion options – nope
  • Updated iMac with faster processors (larger screens are a possibility, though I think it’s a longshot) – nope
  • Updated MacBook Pro 17″ with unibody enclosure – yep
  • iWork ‘09 with online/web/MobileMe component – yep
  • iTunes DRM free – yep
  • Hulu viewing on AppleTV – nope
  • iPhone 3G 32GB – nope
  • iPhone tethering option with AT&T (for too much money…) – nope
  • Pricing and ship date for Snow Leopard – nope
  • Lots of Christmas quarter sales numbers – Lots? No. Some numbers… Partial credit?

Won’t Be Announced – almost all yep

  • iPhone Nano (though I think a smaller form factor would be cool)
  • iPhone/iPod/Mac Tablet (though I think a larger form factor would be cool)
  • Mac Netbook
  • Touch screen iMac
  • Mac Pro update
  • Cinema Displays
  • iLife ‘09 – Oops.

Kind of a bummer I guess. A lot of folks were predicting Mac Mini and iMac updates, so I won’t feel bad about that prediction. I am kind of stoked about the iTunes thing, though. Along with getting rid of DRM, Apple also announced variable pricing on the iTunes Store (a consession to the record companies). You can also purchase iTunes music on the iPhone over 3G networks.

Now the DRM thing doesn’t really affect me since I have all Apple equipment, and thus I don’t have any compatibility issues. Still, I thought it would be interesting to see how much it would cost to convert all my previously purchased songs to the DRM-free format — for 30 cents a pop.


Look, I’m no fan of DRM. But, like I said, the DRM doesn’t really bother me. It sure doesn’t bother me 93 dollars worth!

Special offer indeed.

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