North! To Alaska

cruiseWe’ve made our summer vacation plans and this year we’re heading to the home Governor Sarah Palin herself, Alaska. We’ve booked a Princess Cruises 7-day cruise roundtrip from Seattle on board the Golden Princess vessell. The ports of call are Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria. Our cruise leaves on June 27, so we’ll be leaving the Bay Area a few days before to drive up.

We were thinking about a cruise but Disney priced themselves out of our summer budget. We had taken an Alaska cruise back in 2001, so we knew what this would be like. I’d be happy to show you photos of that trip but that was the last big trip we made before digital cameras, so you’ll have to do with the itinerary map. There was another cruise that started and ended in San Francisco, but it was a 10-day cruise and a lot more expensive even when you consider hotel and gas expenses for the drive to Seattle. Plus, the boys (especially Riley) really wanted to go back to Seattle. Which is okay, because it’s definitely a great city.

We’re really looking forward to the cruise. They’re always so relaxing and we hope to see some great sights. We’ve been to all the ports of call before, but there is always something new to see in each city. Maybe we’ll stop by to see the Governor, too.


(no, I have no idea why Princess left the U off their map in the brochure)

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