One of these songs is the Song of the Year

I am still very interested in music, and not just listening to the favorites of my youth but also current music from new acts as well as favorites. So far this year, three songs have stood out as my favorites and one of these three songs will be my “Song of the Year.”  That “criteria” will be based somewhat on my iTunes/iPod play counts but also how well the song holds up over time.

Franz Ferdinand “No You Girls”
Their single from earlier this year and still sounds great. Their Tonight album is still the best of the year.

Pet Shop Boys “Love, Etc.”
The lead single from their “Yes” album (their strongest in at least 15 years) is also one of their best.

Editors “Papillon”
A late entrant into the race but a very possible dark horse for song of the year. In the first day since I bought the song I listened to it ten times and set it as my default ringtone on my phone!

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