Quinn’s Last Game of the Season 2013

Bittersweet day at the Niles-Centerville Little League fields as the season ended for the Minor-A Athletics. Quinn had a good game where he went 2-3 including an RBI. Quinn also pitched for the third time this season, going 1 inning with two strikeouts and one run scored.

Footage is from the iPhone as well as Julie’s new Canon SX500 IS. This video was produced on iMovie for iPhone, because I still find iMovie for Mac’s interface completely baffling. Importing the video clips also didn’t seem to work right either. It’s a sad state of affairs that it was easier to edit video on a 4″ phone than a 21″ iMac. I guess it speaks to the ease of use of the iPhone version, I suppose.

The version below features music from Audioslave, which may limit viewing in certain geographies or on certain platforms. There’s a mobile-friendly version with generic music that’s also available.

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