I really enjoy my job as an Enterprise Community Manager. I get to help people use our company’s internal collaboration system while also thinking about ways to make it even better!  And overall most of the people I work with ask reasonable questions and have feasible use cases.

But there are some days that are not fun. Sometimes the question is… less than reasonable. Other times it’s something stupid that I do myself! In other case, it’s just an outside factor that has nothing to do with me or the people I’m helping/serving. Regardless… a bad day!

But no matter the reason there is always the same outcome. It doesn’t happen very often; maybe three or four times per year (and, it should be noted, hasn’t happened in months). But when that time comes there is only one thing you can do.


I like this photo that was taken with the webcam on my computer. The clenched mouth really adds a nice touch.

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