Soccer Season is Here

Quinn is playing Soccer for the first time this season, and today was his first game. FC-Fremont does this (IMHO) incredibly stupid thing where both teams wear white and blue – but one is in a blue shirt and the other is in a white shirt. I think this is a bad idea – makes it hard to spot the kids across the field or even when watching the game. Glad I’m not a ref.

In any case, “Barcelona” won the game 9-0. The game was sort of a California variant of the “Pass it to the Italians” bit from Will Ferrell’s Kicking & Screaming. Nonetheless, Quinn seemed to have fun and definitely go more comfortable with the “herd” mentality as the game went along.

The 8:00 am starting time was a killer, but all the other games are later. We also got our “snack duty” out of the way today.

Here are some shots of Quinn today.







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