Top Songs of 2009

The Top Songs of 2008 was the first post on the new blog. Now, one year later, we’re ready to do the Top Songs of 2009. As with last year, this is based on iTunes play counts, not on other factors such as songs I heard on the radio, from CD, from ringtones, etc. Overall, I listened to 1431 songs at least once in 2009.

When I listen to music I tend to listen to either specific albums or my “current music” playlists that typically hold recently purchased music. So, it’s no surprise that my top 20 is clogged up with Franz Ferdinand songs as their 2009 album Tonight was my favorite of the year (and, importantly, was released early in the year when I wasn’t listening to much else). Thus, the playcounts for this album are really high compared to a lot of other songs. So, rather than a top 20 I have a list of top 50 songs.

Song, Group, Playcount

  1. noyougirlsPapillon, Editors, 61
  2. No You Girls, Franz Ferdinand, 54
  3. Twilight Omens, Franz Ferdinand, 51
  4. Turn It On, Franz Ferdinand, 50
  5. Send Him Away, Franz Ferdinand, 49
  6. Ulysses, Franz Ferdinand, 48
  7. Forget About What I Said, The Killers, 45
  8. No You Girls (Christian Vorbau Remix), Franz Ferdinand, 43
  9. Lucid Dreams, Franz Ferdinand, 42
  10. Bite Hard, Franz Ferdinand, 40
  11. You Don’t Know Love, Editors, 39
  12. Slow Poison, The Bravery, 36
  13. Decode, Paramore, 34
  14. What She Came For, Franz Ferdinand, 32
  15. In This Light and On This Evening, Editors, 31
  16. Live Alone, Franz Ferdinand, 31
  17. Can’t Stop Feeling, Franz Ferdinand, 31
  18. Losing Touch, The Killers, 30
  19. The Boxer, Editors, 29
  20. Lucid Dreams, Franz Ferdinand, 27
  21. Tick Tick Boom, The Hives, 26
  22. Spaceman, The Killers, 26
  23. Crushcrushcrush, Paramore, 26
  24. Love Etc., Pet Shop Boys, 25
  25. Robot, Stellastarr*, 25
  26. Shut Up and Let Me Go, The Ting Tings, 25
  27. Bricks and Mortar, Editors, 24
  28. Call Me (Live), Franz Ferdinand, 24
  29. This Used To Be The Future, Pet Shop Boys, 24
  30. Magnificent, U2, 24
  31. Go For It, Luccarelli Icardi, 23
  32. Like Treasure, Editors, 22
  33. I Am Your Skin, The Bravery, 21
  34. Human, The Killers, 21
  35. Did You See Me Coming?, Pet Shop Boys, 21
  36. Freak Out, Stellastarr*, 21
  37. Stand Up Comedy, U2, 21
  38. Helicopter, Bloc Party, 20
  39. The Spectator, The Bravery, 20
  40. American Soviets (Cameron Paul Remix), C.C.C.P., 20
  41. The Big Exit, Editors, 20
  42. Feeling Kind Of Anxious (Ulysses Dub), Franz Ferdinand, 20
  43. Kids, MGMT, 20
  44. That’s What You Get, Paramore, 20
  45. Beautiful People, Pet Shop Boys, 20
  46. Vulnerable, Pet Shop Boys, 20
  47. Building A Wall, Pet Shop Boys, 20
  48. We’re the Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams & Pet Shop Boys, 20
  49. Bat Fight (video version), Will Ferrell, 20
  50. Golden Rod, Blondie, and Barracuda, Chelsea Girls, and We’re All Criminals Now, Pet Shop Boys and Male Prima Dona, Subtle Sexuality, 19

Some notes.

As with last year, there’s a lot of focus on “neo wave” groups like The Bravery, Franz Ferdinand, Stellastarr*, and The Killers. Had The Bravery album been released earlier than December they surely would have showed up differently.  2009 albums from 80’s stalwarts U2 and Pet Shop Boys were quite good and as you can see did well overall this year.  You’ll even find some songs from vintage groups that I found time to rediscover (Blondie and C.C.C.P.). And, as with last year, a novelty hit from Will Ferrell made my (albiet extended) list.

Including remixes and different song formats, my play counts for my three favorite songs of the year are:

  • Papillon: 87
  • Love, etc.: 58
  • No You Girls: 139

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