Top Songs of 2012

Here are my most played songs of 2012, according to iTunes. A total of 1479 songs were played at least once, with Madonna‘s “Beautiful Killer” taking the top spot. That song was also my alarm chime for most the year as well. If you count plays across all different song versions, Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used To Know” was played 84 times.

A big disclaimer, however. Shortly after installing iTunes 11 the playcount for a bunch of songs was dropped to zero. I knew the totals for some of them but I seem to remember that I was up over 1800 songs with at least one playcount back in November so much of this data is suspect.

A few other notes: with Davy  Jones’ death I listened to a lot of Monkees, hence the high rank for “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow”, one of Jones’ best tracks (written by Neil Diamond). “Secret Journey” by The Police invariably makes my list since it’s on a “sleeptime” playlist.

Song Name Artist Plays
Beautiful Killer Madonna 45
Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra) Gotye 35
Girl Gone Wild Madonna 29
Warrior Mark Foster + A-Trak + Kimbra 29
Youth Without Youth Metric 29
Automatic Systematic Habit Garbage 28
Runaways The Killers 25
Somebody That I Used to Know (Myndset Remix) Gotye 24
Gang Bang Madonna 24
Artificial Nocturne Metric 22
Lonely Boy The Black Keys 20
I’m Addicted Madonna 20
Turn Up The Radio Madonna 20
Speed the Collapse Metric 19
Live to Rise Soundgarden 19
Big Bright World Garbage 18
Blood For Poppies Garbage 18
Somebody That I Used to Know (Miami Nights Remix) Gotye 17
Breathing Underwater Metric 17
Synthetica Metric 17
I Don’t Give A (featuring Nicki Minaj) Madonna 16
Clone Metric 16
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) The Monkees 16
Days Go By The Offspring 16
A Certain “Je ne sais quoi” Pet Shop Boys 16
Control Garbage 15
Secret Journey The Police 15

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